Shut-off and regulating valves

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Industrial, technological and main pipeline valves, by rules ISO, EN/DIN, ASME/API, GOST etc.

  • material design – of carbon / alloy / stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and alloys. Chemical industry valves maybe also designed of special plastic, ceramic materials, PTFE
  • mounting length and process connections are sized by EN/DIN, ANSI, GOST. Mixed attributes are also available (e.g. ANSI length / DIN flanges)
  • special connections such as wafer, lug, butt weld ends
  • pressure range up to 400 bar (class #2500), for wellhead valves – up to 2500 bar (class #15000) 

the sign  marks double block & bleed valves with guaranteed zero leakage


multi-turn valves

  • gate valves with flexible or solid wedge
  • globe valves with flat or elliptic disc
  • slab gate or dual expanding gate valves
  • pinch valves for abrasive or corrosive media
  • plug/gate DBB valves
  • knife gate valves for bulk or abrasive media


quarter-turn valves

  • ball valves of different design
    • fully-welded, split of 2 or 3 parts, top entry
    • floating or trunnion ball
    • special types of seats – spring loaded, metal-by-metal
  • butterfly valves
    • centric, 2х and 3х eccentric
    • special types of seats – metal-by-metal, lined etc.
  • plug valves
  • diaphragm valves


flow and pressure regulating/control valves

  • regulating globe valves with conical disc
  • knife and segment ball regulating valves
  • needle valves
  • butterfly valves with equal percentage flow chart
  • self-action pressure and flow regulators


actuators and auxiliary equipment

  • mechanical gears
  • on-off and modulating electric actuators
  • one-side and two-side pneumatic actuators
  • hydraulic and pneumohydraulic actuators
  • position indicators, electronic end switches
  • FIELDBUS based control units



check valves

  • non-slam axial disc
  • dual plate
  • swing or tilted disc
  • lift check
  • flap check, for low pressure and gravity drained pipelines
  • additional devices: manual or automatic drive, damping device



rapid blind valves for quick shut-off of pipeline

  • mechanical rotary blinds, handwheel operated
  • body type, with removable blind



special valves design

  • for underground installation (expanded stem, remote seats lubrication, anticorrosion coating)
  • low emission packing by TA-LUFT rules
  • fire safe design
  • offshore design
  • for high or very low temperature (boiler or cryogenic design)
  • well and wellhead
  • special design for chemical/petrochemical facilities





  • Bernard Controls, France (electric actuators and valve controls systems)
  • Eriks Econosto, Spain (plug/gate DBB valves)
  • Fumagalli, Italy (industrial valves)
  • Hogfors, Finland (butterfly valves)
  • NoReVa, Germany (non-slam axial check valves)
  • Seut, Norway (line blind valves)
    and many others
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