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Allied International (Italy) – one of the few of manufacturers producing complete range of pipeline shape pieces himself. Annual, Allied Group supplies up to 300 000 tons of his items over the world.

Providing very high quality level timely delivery, Allied International is in fairness known as one of the world leader at the pipeline fittings market.



production standards: EN, DIN, ASME B16.9, MSS-SP 75 and many others
materials range: carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, alloys


usual fittings (Dn 25…1000, Pn 16…400)

  • seamless and welded elbows
  • seamless and welded tees
  • concentric and eccentric reducers
  • branches and o-lets
  • butt-weld elliptic caps and bottoms


hot-formed and cold-formed bends

  • bending angle 0.5 … 180° with 0.5° step
  • bending radius 2.5xD and higher
  • variable radius bending, 3-D bends
  • wall thickness control, bend strength equal to straight pipes


special design fittings

  • segment elbows
  • tees with grids and other special inserts
  • Y-type tees, 4-port crosses
  • reducing rings
  • very large fittings, up to 5000 mm dia.


pipe units and blocks

  • manifolds and distribution units
  • gas discharge stacks
  • pipe jakets
    and other special items


but also cladded and lined bi-metallic pipes, up to 2500 mm dia.




Allied International


NRF Raccordi Forgiatti


Tectubi Raccordi




OMP Mongiardino


Tectubi Tianjin (China)


Conti Chemical is the authorized
representative of Allied Group
in Baltic countries




Allied Group is certified acc. to EN, ASTM/ASME/API, GOST rules

ISO 9001 & PED



Gazprom approval
(other certificates and approvals are available by request)
Phone:  +371 6789-3960 Office:  Augusta Deglava str. 66, LV-1035
+371 6789-3962 Riga, Latvia
Fax:  +371 6789-3961 E-mail: